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For history of these people, see Qarbak History.

Oolu Cultures

Oolu Empire

  • Loorutj Kingdom
  • Mintar Kingdom
  • Khayen Kingdom

City-States: Kinars, Khandar, Masakana

Minor Civilisations: Monootjs, Sarube, Sadhihi, Merya, Qusa, Kobhufi

Minor Peoples: Menlu, Mabasyar, Rerlido


Though coins called madu were more popular in the past, barter is the most common form of trade now, especially in cities along the Archroad. In more rural areas, livestock are sometimes used as currency.


  • The Soqhu, the full-time military.
  • Rhefusur, rich merchant warriors who travel in large formidable caravans.
  • Kormanu, a series of magic schools similar yet inferior to the Carson Institute in Benevis.