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Culture and Locations

Takifesi is a broken kingdom reduced to a couple of cities with uncertain borders. They are ruled by a nanohe king who gains the favour of a Muk Zuas deity to commence and continue their rule. The prosperity of the people is affected by how much the nanohe is pleasing the deity. The people of Takifesi worship the goddess of the sun, Efekon Zu, and are by nature persevering people who press on despite what hurdles come their way. Their capital is Jijehana.

Takifesi has a mostly pleasant mediterranean climate, with some wooded savanna further inland. The Hera Za flows through Shamabe, and the Diamond Gulf can be found to the east. The Itemoe Sea lies to the south.

Demonym: Takifesian, Takifesians

Population: 800,000

  • Takifesi
    • Jijehana, capital, 22,500

History and Relations

The Takifesi Kingdom was founded around 750AL when their forces invaded Hade and captured the Arikal Temple; however, Hade found allies in their Gaodsi neighbours and Takifesi found no such help either from Efisi or Miyikisi, and so their kingdom dwindled over time. They are ethnically ancient Xilou. They are now neutral toward Hade, are manipulated by Efisi, and are said to appease their vastaur neighbours. They mainly export gold.

Military and Art

Takifesi have only militia forces to call upon in times of war, using defensive tactics as they cannot afford to conquer any neighbouring peoples. Common features include fortified villages and repurposed ruins, and as an artform they place gold in their food and drinks, believing it will bring them wealth and good health.