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Culture and Locations

Velena, as with the rest of the Leren Alliance, is governed by an aristocratic tribunal within the federation. The Red Temple (Prielic Creed) is the state religion, which believes in a dichotomy of powers -- of good versus evil forces -- and this belief mostly originates from the fact that Red Temple was the heart of early Vastion culture after the Darkness. The people of Velena see knowledge as a weapon and make an effort to wield it to diffuse conflict. The capital of Velena is called Velen. There is an archaios on the northern shores of Velena called Vyenri.

Velena is mostly temperate, and its lowlands constitute half the Galanor Fields, the other half owned by the Vastin Kingdom. Its northern shore is Umber Bay, and its southern border reaches the Leren Ranges and Golen Peaks.

Demonym: Velenan, Velenans

Population: 1,700,000

  • Velena
    • Velen, capital, 33,000

History and Relations

After the collapse of the Benevis Empire in 550AL, Velena joined a confederation with Solusia and Laviscon, rather than fight over land like most of the other regions did. Seeing Umberia as too divided, and hiding behind the relative security of the Leren Ranges and Golen Peaks, the Leren Alliance was born. The alliance is trying to sway Regyland and Curin to its side due to the constant unrest within the region of Nor and the domineering behaviour of Umberia. Velenans are mostly Nor, and mainly export timber and glass.

Military and Art

The people of Velena prefer the use of agents to gather information about their enemies, rather than rely on military strength to be a threat. It is believed that Velenan spies not only permeate the Leren Alliance, but have their fingers in Vastin, Arkein, and Nor, and perhaps even further. Common architectural features include tall windows, fountains, and under-city networks, and common artforms include glassware and literature.