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Culture and Locations

Laviscon, as with the rest of the Leren Alliance, is governed by an aristocratic tribunal within the federation. The Red Temple (Prielic Creed) is the state religion, which believes in a dichotomy of powers -- of good versus evil forces -- and this belief mostly originates from the fact that Red Temple was the heart of early Vastion culture after the Darkness. The people of Laviscon enjoy and respect shows of wealth and the capital is Lavise.

Laviscon is backed against the Great Ranges and Leren Ranges, and its northern border is the Ellecil Channel. It is mostly montane forest with some temperate areas nearer to the sea.

Demonym: Laviscan, Laviscans

Population: 1,200,000

  • Laviscon
    • Lavise, capital, 27,000

History and Relations

After the collapse of the Benevis Empire in 550AL, Laviscon joined a confederation with Solusia and Velena, rather than fight over land like most of the other regions did. Seeing Umberia as too divided, and hiding behind the relative security of the Leren Ranges and Golen Peaks, the Leren Alliance was born. The alliance is trying to sway Regyland and Curin to its side due to the constant unrest within the region of Nor and the domineering behaviour of Umberia. Laviscon also sees some tension with the duchy to the west known as Hornan in Margon. Lavisconians are mostly Nor and they mainly export silver and iron, thanks to some of the best mines in Benevis.

Military and Art

The people of Laviscon utilise mountaineering combatants against Hornan when invasions occur, utilising a survivalist strategy in the mountains and defensive opportunities to win wars of attrition. Common architectural features include walled towns and pragmatic structures, and common artforms include jewellery and masonry.