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Culture and Locations

Incidu is a tribal confederation. It is ruled by a zhadas chieftain who acts as both a king and a warlord and has other warlords beneath him, with Sunkhu shamans to advise their rule and keep everyone in touch with their ancestors. Sunkhu shamanism emphasises that everyone must atone for the wrongdoings of their ancestors by bringing honour and glory to their clans and keeping bad spirits at bay. Inciduu are known for placing additional emphasis on one's ancestry, boasting where possible about past achievements of one's family. Their capital is Osmangiyq.

Incidu's south meets the Durdundus Mountains, where Mount Nyumyduzha overlooks the lands. The Blood Mountains lie to the southeast, and between these two ranges is the Blood Valley from whence the Nunyciu River flows. The Minas flows from the Blood Mountains too, and the Raqni flows from the Durdundus Mountains. In the northwest, the Amber River flow through the Amber Flatlands, surrounded by arid desert and arid shrubland. Lake Mancisa makes up the north and middle areas of Incidu, and it has some temperate forest on its southern shores. The rest of Incidu is dry grassland or montane forest on the mountains. The Adenen River is its northern border with Brrutt.

Demonym: Incidu, Inciduu

Population: 4,500,000

  • Incidu (EE-'EE-DUH)
    • Osmangiyq (OOS-MYƏNG-EE-ISH), capital, 53,000
    • Mancisa (MYƏ'-EE-SƏ), 27,000
    • Nuqcace (NUHG-'Ə-'EH), 21,000
    • Dunise (DUH-NEE-SEH), 17,000
    • Bustratu (BUHS-TRƏ-TUH), 13,000
    • Zhurein (TZUH-REH-EEN), 11,000

History and Relations

Incidu mostly constitutes leftover clans from the Dunian Empire which ended in 700AL. The clans then lost the archroad to invading Oolu forces in 700AL, which caused the clans to form a confederation, and they took the archroad back from Oolu around 850AL. The people are mostly Batur but have some Oolu ethnicity mixed in with them. They are friendly with Baturun, Njidittu, and Brrutt, are uncertain toward Yeves and Dajaqa, and strongly resent Ladari for killing the last Dunian emperor and his family in Zelandergn. They mainly export bronze, hide, horses, and Dunian Grey pigment on the archroad. They commonly trade horses for silk from the Noble Consortium in Yinchu or Bandiao. Ashen folk are rare here.

Military and Art

Inciduu are known for utilising light cavalry in warfare, sweeping in fast and hard and leaving quickly, and they are also known to dress up to appear as cavalry from somewhere else from a distinct, performing raids while disguised as someone else to confuse enemies. Common architectural features include freestanding dzong fortresses and great cairns, and common artforms include tournaments and bead-working.