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Culture and Locations

Surutes are nomadic peoples guided by mystic elders. Their main religion is Mysticism, which dictates that the heavens contain all the answers to life's problems. They believe strongly in destiny, and have no cities.

Surutes live in the Heryn Highlands which is dry grassland. The West Fangs to the east provide some more resourceful montane forest when the season is right. They also have a few large rivers, including the Dimaten, within their roaming grounds.

Demonym: Surutes, Surutes

Population: 400,000

History and Relations

The Surutes have inhabited the land for over a thousand years. They travel back and forth between the Heryn Highlands and West Fangs, living along the trade routes between Vastin, Simbea, and Haramys when it is most seasonably profitable to do so, and trade with merchants there. They mostly come from ancient Xilou and Hanjare ethnic groups, as many of the people are descended from large groups of slaves brought north from Tuaram during the reign of the Xilou Hoqomer. They are neutral with Yaele, Vastin, and Simbea, and see Haramys, Xinmou, and Envou as mystic brethren. They have no primary exports.

Military and Art

The ukzen of Surutes are known for being skilled in riding camels, making them some of the best ukzen at travelling long distances quickly across arid terrain. If they need to fight, they usually use tribal tactics such as forcing enemies into nonstop battles and everyone capable taking up arms. They live in yurts and popular artforms include singing and weaving.