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Culture and Locations

Xinmou is officially a hoqomer, which means it is a theocratic democracy ruled by a hoqon who is considered holy and represents Xudo, but it has a very significant population of mystics. Xinmou's religious and state bodies are still connected, and their religion is impersonal and direct, though they are not really considered a hoqomer by Eber. The people of Xinmou are extremely modest, and most people tend to keep to small circles of friends and family and not bother strangers. Their capital is Ugtiq.

Xinmou is mostly semiarid desert near the shores and arid shrubland further inland. It sits between the northern end of the Dead Coast, the hostile Upper Ebere region, and the Ebere Desert.

Demonym: Xinmou, Xinmou

Population: 800,000

  • Xinmou Hoqomer
    • Ugtiq, capital, 22,000

History and Relations

The Xinmou Hoqomer was formed around 300AL, and gets most of its value from pilgrims who come to visit the sacred site of the Noqlable Arch. The people here are a mix of ancient Xilou and modern Seleru ethnic groups. They have pacts with Eber and Reunou, import slaves from Tuaram, and is mostly visited by pilgrims from Envou, Surutes, Haramys, Ileimou, and Hmou. They export wildlife and Hoqon Blue pigment.

Military and Art

Xinmou is known for its ukzen rangers, who use a minimalist fighting style to secure and protect sacred sites and pilgrims, always patrolling borders and pilgrimage routes. The main architectural feature one would find in Xinmou are very tall ostiums, and common artforms include drugs and music.