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People of Riiga

Benevis, Seleru, Tuaram, Batur, Temanea, Qarbak, Yvatshun, Vaman, Into, Remdor, Jindiara.


Baracsa, the Heart of the World, land of empires and power.


This region includes Umbener, Simber, and Nor.

Benevan Cultures

Kingdom of Vastin - One of three largest kingdoms in Umbener, Vastin is ruled by a king and has the Red Temple as its state religion, which culture believes in a dichotomy of powers -- of good versus evil forces -- and this belief mostly originates from the fact that Red Temple was the heart of Vastion culture after the Darkness. More specifically, the people of Vastin are more accustomed to being a multicultural Its capital is Duracia, which houses the Silver Hall, and the city of Goldstone is home to the White Temple. It mainly exports wool, grain, wine, and some gold. The kingdom is around 450 years old, and was formed after the Benevis Empire broke apart in 550AL after the assassination of Emperor Halartus Benevarus. Most Vastin people are a mix of surrounding ethnicity from Nor, western Yvabira, and Seleru. Relations with surrounding realms are mostly peaceful, though the two most recent wars -- one with Simbea and one with Yaele -- saw both provinces break away from Vastin to become independent. The most prominent military features of Vastin are leoknights who ride liogons through the skies, making them one of the few places in Riiga to utilise flying mounts.

Size, government, religion, main religious value. Main cultural value and origin. Capital, wonders, features. Exports. Age, country origin, ethnic origin. Neighbour relations, recent wars, past territories. Military feature.

Kingdom of Arkein -

Kingdom of Margon -

Kingdom of Umberia -

Granlan Kingdom -

Regyland Kingdom -

Curin Kingdom -

Leren Alliance:

  • Laviscon -
  • Solusia -
  • Velena -

Crown of Simbea -

Grand Duchy of Yaele -

Other Peoples




This region contains only itself.

Eber Cultures

Eber Empire

Minor Hoqomers: Reunou, Xinmou

Haramys Civilisation

Minor Peoples: Hmou, Ileimou, Surutes, Envou


This region includes Jadar and Had.

Raonare Cultures

Hade Empire

Efisi States

Minor Civilisations: Gaodsi (Meteorite), Miyikisi, Takifesi (Diamond)

Hanjare Cultures

Mbocheko Empire

Shcholi Kingdom

Mvecho Kingdom

City-State of Onzigho (Wax)

Minor Civilisations: Owngatho, Wayinzo

Other Tribes: Kinohi, Heja, Dajeho, Nacha, Bihi

Hybrid Cultures




Armalia, the Eastern World, land of great mountains, deserts, and riches.


This region contains only itself.

Dunin Cultures

Baturun Clans

Njidittu Clans (Amber)

Incidu Clans

Minor Clans: Runus, Apszhes, Brrutt

City-State of Undin

Ttudyqu People (Opal)

Other Clans

Tribal Groups: Utyq, Yeves, Lagsi

Chetetsh People, Nusa People, Uzhadasa People


This region includes Yyele and Teman.

Temanean Cultures

Temanean Dynasties

  • Ho Da Dynasty
  • Yinchu Dynasty
  • Ladari Dynasty
  • Bandiao Dynasty
  • Porosoea Dynasty

Minor Kingdoms: Teruvean Shogunate, Sopone, Espone

Other Civilisations: Sema, Tenhan, Henmi

Ahorean Clans (Grave)


This region includes Sheber and Karber.

Oolu Cultures

Oolu Empire

  • Loorutj Kingdom
  • Mintar Kingdom
  • Khayen Kingdom

City-States: Kinars (Fang), Khandar, Masakana

Minor Civilisations: Monootjs (Bone), Sarube (Moonlight), Sadhihi (Mushroom), Merya, Qusa, Kobhufi

Minor Peoples: Menlu, Mabasyar (Starlight), Rerlido


This region includes Bymir, Ideitess, and Qran.

Yvatshun Cultures

Yvabira Kingdom

Grand Princedom of Alacas (Magic)

Nhorcean Order

City-State of Huirnon

Minor Peoples: Batylir, Ayrsi, Arzhia (Silver), Brenyr (Eyes), Ituni

Tribal Groups: Vrasik, Rre Qran, Bymir (Muckmen), Oirtarre (Beasts)


Suribia, the Western World across the sea, home of the Tlars and the Horned Kings.


This region contains only Tasif.

Vaman Cultures

Toussin Kingdom (Lightning)

Awavan Kingdom (Water)

Monar Kingdom (Earth)

Havigban Kingdom (Dusk)

Kingdom of Varoicca

City-State of Cendar

Valigs Civilisation (Grey fire)

Wssans Peoples


This region includes Harda and Saron.

Remdorian Cultures

Maugnun Kingdom (Shadow)

Vyrtdan Kingdom (Pearl)

Nalisiet Kingdom

Asshor Kingdom (Antler)

Minor Princedoms: Sesar, Satium, Drarus

Scarcun Civilisation


This region contains Inoti, Ikade, Progora.

Inoti Region

Ngaran Tlarate

Minor Tlarates: Angilun, Hlisitl

Minor Peoples: Kalaqan, Liigba, Maha, Ngulan

Morunwan Cultures

Morunwa Tlarate

Minor Tlarates: Agbakpwas, Anykwas

City-State Tlarates: Hiigwbas (Blackscale), Akpzas

Progoran Cultures

City-State of Liara

Tlarate of Sitahs

Civilisations: Tsachuni (Tree), Sepriki (Rain), Sarshi, Azichli, Chaye

Minor Peoples: Xhade, Axhykeli, Gnaisor (Coral), Lo, Rironlo


This region includes only itself.

Minor Clans: Oussa Clans (Spirit), Wwinda Clans

Hybrid Cultures

Truebloods (unverified)



This region contains only itself.

Sacre Clans

Braqai, Erechai, Nwashas (fire)

Hybrid Cultures




Jindiara, the Ancient Wilderness.

Hadakri Peoples

Kekrati (Brimstone), Dafrasi (Dreams), Tesakri (Clay), Sasakri (Crystal), Sradaji, Kafradi, Tiji

Ashkri Peoples

Hecbreri (Mud), Tekrati (Ash), Raorikri (Oil), Setekri

Other Clans: Basrasi (Roots), Sifi

Hybrid Cultures


Keid: Ngoed (Wind), Gexri (Blood), Shaai (Feather)




Aiaosi Tribes