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For history of these people, see Benevis History.

Most people in Benevis are part of a feudal kingdom ruled by a king.

Margon's capital is Lyte and has a population of ~170,000.

Arkein's capital is Regalias and has a population of ~150,000.

Vastin's capital is Duracia with a population of ~155,000.

The largest city in Nor is Umburn and has a population of ~71,000.


The state religion of most Benevis kingdoms is the Red Temple. The religion utilises large temples as centres of worship and places where priests of the Temple can be found. Smaller temples for towns and villages are known simply as chapels. Individual homes often have a small wooden figure of Nikina in the corner of the house furthest from the entry, to ward evil away from the home. These figures are usually simple called icons. Due to the physical presence of Nikina among his religion, the Red Temple has a lot of influence on the ruling powers.

The old religion of the area is Leisatru, which follows the god Leiyu and his family of deities. The religion is almost nonexistant today. Members of this religion are known simply as followers, and their main places of worship are henges made of wood or stone.


In Benevis, most magic users are magiturgists taught by the Carson Institute, with the number of magificers coming in at a close second. Magimancers borrowing magic from other beings come mostly in the form of Red Priests of the Temple or similar orders, but are quite rare. Magichaists are fairly rare as well, as artifacts are not commonly found in Benevis.

Common magic orders are elementurgy and diviniturgy.

Magic is mostly used for religious purposes, for production (mainly mining), for restoration, and in warfare.


Benevis use both metal coins -- called argons or umbers -- and barter for trade.

Luxury goods in this region are mainly wine, olive oil, and furs. Other trade goods include wool, marble, grain, gold, spice, and pigments. Their most popular pigment is called Vastin Yellow, which is made of yellow ochre and offers a rich, warm shade of yellow.


Benevan military is mostly used for defending against outside invasions. Guards are a separate force, and primarily enforce the law and protect the privileged.

Ships from this area are among some of the most advanced in the world, seeing widespread use of multi-masted seafaring naval forces.

Ranged weapons common among soldiers include bows, crossbows, artillery, and sometimes magic. Melee weapons commonly include bladed weapons, polearms, blunt weapons, and sometimes peasant weapons.

The main kingdoms of Benevis are one of few places in the world to utilise soldiers mounted on flying creatures. In Benevis, they use leoknights.

The best soldiers are typically knights, with legendary heroes -- either highly strategic, or excellent combatants -- being a common part of the military culture. Monster-slayers are also highly esteemed.

Eastern Baracsa, especially around Simbea, employ the use of war Trains.


Common forms of entertainment include festivals, performances, plays, music, and tournaments.

Common artforms include paintings, sculptures, songs, architecture, drama, and musical instruments.

Common cultural practices include visual arts, festive rites of passage, formal social dances, and combat sports.

Common cultural beliefs include good versus evil, and justice is good.

Building materials used include thatch, timber, clay brick, stone brick, and marble. Clothing materials used include wool, leather, cotton, linen, and fur.

Trains are a rare and expensive form of transport on mainland areas, possible mainly due to the broad, high-quality roads mostly dating back to the Xilou Hoqomer and presence of orcanor.


  • The Red Temple or Order of Arngos, the state religion.
  • The Defenders, a division of the Red Temple of religious warriors who protect sacred sites.
  • The Venquis, an order of monster-slayers who operate mostly in secret.
  • The White Order, the term for all knights and nobles and any soldiers under their command. Usually sub-divided into smaller orders of knights and such.


Kingdom, Grand Duchy, March, High King, Crown

Benevis Kingdoms

  • Kingdom of Vastin
    • Whitehills March
    • Midlands March
    • Leotyne March
    • Belynsia March
    • Goldrond March
    • Cape Valley March
  • Kingdom of Arkein
    • Lanerbry Duchy
    • Sysalbry Duchy
    • Dirmel Duchy
    • Tylein Duchy
    • Mevesdor Duchy
  • Kingdom of Margon
    • Sunlor
    • Olusnen
    • Orryan
    • Tyarnen
    • Orsonfar
    • Naslun
    • Hornan
  • Kingdom of Umberia
    • Paurask
    • Whonock
    • Birren
    • Gotausk
  • Granland
    • Mershul
    • Lorcatt
  • Regyland
  • Kingdom of Curin
  • Leren Alliance
    • Laviscon
    • Solusia
    • Yaele
  • Crown of Simbea
  • Grand Duchy of Yaele