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For history of these people, see Benevis History.

Benevan Cultures

Kingdom of Vastin

Kingdom of Arkein

Kingdom of Margon

Kingdom of Umberia

Granland Kingdom

Regyland Kingdom

Curin Kingdom

Princedom of Oluseon

Leren Alliance:

Crown of Simbea

Grand Duchy of Yaele

Other Peoples




Benevis use both metal coins -- called argons or umbers -- and barter for trade.


  • The Red Temple or Order of Arngos, the state religion.
  • The Defenders, a division of the Red Temple of religious warriors who protect sacred sites.
  • The Venquis, an order of monster-slayers who operate mostly in secret.
  • The White Order, the term for all knights and nobles and any soldiers under their command. Usually sub-divided into smaller orders of knights and such.