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Nikina is the Child God of creation, primary god in the Red Temple religion. Nikina physically meets high priests and kings in one of two red temples -- one in Lyte and one in Umburn. He claims that it is his power that led to the presence of Hireos god-kings in Benevis, such as King Renin. He is associated with creation, justice, peace, and morality, and is the enemy of Garukavar.

He generally appears as a male child between eleven and thirteen years of age, with the exact same outfit every time: A heavy red cloak fastened with a golden brooch, a red skirt that reaches his ankles, and twenty-one golden chains wrapped around him in a specific design. During very important formal meetings, he appears with a golden disc hovering behind his head, with similar designs to both the brooch of his cloak and the designs that appear on weapons he has held in the past. Ethnically, he does not represent a specific group in Riiga. His hair is similar to many golden-haired people of Seleru but his eyes change colour and his skin is not so dark and he does not share features with these people. Despite this, Nikina's appearance is one of the reasons for the popularity of golden hair, especially in Margon. Despite the gold on his body looking like regular pure gold known to man, it is not confirmed.

Nikina's Eyes

Nikina has four colours of eyes, and when they change it means he is in a different aspect of his being. He is essentially four gods sharing one form and mind.

  • Blue eyes means Mohaxamilia. A being of birth, growth, kindness, innocence, joy, love, passion, prosperity, and humility. (Mohax, Maxamilia)
  • Green eyes means Nikina. This form is associated with omnipresence, omniscience, wisdom, guidance, light, energy, power, and holiness.
  • Gold eyes means Lexander. A being of spirit, soul, the next life, formality, intelligence, journeys, silence, and maturity. (Xander, Lexand)
  • Red eyes means Hadrinaeltrios. A being of peace, choice, violence, protection, education, war, strength, music, and creation. (Hadrin, Adrinael, Eltrios)

Nikina's Role

Though he often gives counsel to the high priests and kinds of Benevis in dire times, Nikina has never directly influenced any events, even when monsters attack. Neither do the other gods known in the Red Temple religion -- Ilertav and Leuvana -- ever appear or seem to help humanity in any way. But military orders do exist who act as Nikina's warriors, such as the Venquis.