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ATTENTION Updates will now also be going on the Riiga Discord!

Article Updates

Most updates go here.


Reshaped all landmasses of Riiga and upgraded the geopolitical world map to reflect this change. This map now indicates snowfall, unknown regions, trade winds, sea trade routes, disputed borders, reefs, many more geographical names, and much more.

Added new cultures (most don't have articles): the Oluseon Dominion in Benevis, the Dajjar and Dawagar tribes in Tuaram, the Saroon, Monybe, and Merime people in Qarbak, the Charnyr, Aamosav, and Yegevir tribes to Yvatshun, the Banbu and Yaitesh tribes and Dolujensh and Hinyuo people to Temanea, the Dajaqa people to Batur, the Harhasi, Mlarisi, Borhufi, and Ggatli people to Jindiara, the Alchean, Sumaian, and Malufuyas people to Ikade, the Tagzabos and Dirakwis peoples to Inoti, the Pagwani, Airnohs, Atmohs, and Kinohs people to Vaman, the Visbar and Agyon clans to Windas, and the Imah clans to Remdor.

Added and updated multiple Geography features, such as the Drowned Kingdom of Tsa Midira, the Tempest Sea, Tisibikao, and the Lethum Expanse.

Added a name generator.

Added an incomplete list of 500+ plants of Riiga, where they can be found, and what they produce.


Added Heredity.

Added Ilborn.

Added more to the Religions page for Red Temple, Hoqomer, Mysticism, Gaojhi, Gonto, San, Sarrayun, Sunkhu, Yvbiran, Alatian, and Remdorian Sect religions.


Added two more monsters: Likerde and Slaewthuiga.

Added Historical Storms and Dark Scars.


Added Rapturian.

Added more monsters: Gargoule, Shoamut, Slogga, Scuruvoq, Bileworm, Oroch, and Rekaziel. Separated monsters into pervasive and transient types.

Added several monsters: Ungloat, Ymptos, Korfis, and Molbas.


Added korogoro.

Added historical slideshow map of Riiga.


Added Deathless.


Added Ethnicity and linked it with every existing culture article.

Added wonders, archaios, geography, and trade companies to the below place articles. Also cut down the cultural group overview articles.

Added Yvabira, Alacas, Nhorcea, Huirnon, Toussin, Awavan, Monar, Havigban, Varoicca, Cendar, Maugnun, Vyrtdan, Nalisiet, Asshor, Sesar, Satium, Drarus, Scarcun, and Liara.

Added Oolu, Kinars, Khandar, Masakana, Qusa, Kobhufi, Ho Da, Yinchu, Ladari, Bandiao, Porosoea, Teruvea, Sopone, Espone, Tenhan, and Henmi.

Added Hade, Efisi, Gaodsi, Miyikisi, Takifesi, Baturun, Njidittu, Incidu, Brrutt, and Undin.

Added Leulan, Eber, Reunou, Xinmou, Haramys, Hmou, Surutes, Mbokecho, Shcholi, Mvecho, Onzigho, Owngatho, and Wayinzo.

Added Vastin, Arkein, Margon, Umberia, Granland, Regyland, Curin, Laviscon, Solusia, Velena, Simbea, and Yaele.

Added fothrazors and gigas.

Combined the geographic and political maps into a geopolitical map on World Maps.


Added seven Sea Monsters.

Added Murir.

Added Fauna sheet.

Added Red Temple Creeds.

Redid Xelevikenar.

Added Shimteak.

Added International Trade Guilds & Companies.


Added Ideas.

Added stone carving to Bayakas.


Added Antemplars.


Added a racial map on World Maps showing eye, skin, and hair colour per area.

Added magical Gestura, Ritualis, and Mage Attire sections, and adjusted Magic Device and Enchanting Sections on the magic sheet.


Updated the political map and added a textured map on World Maps.

Added Sentions.

Added Belbuga.

Added Venquis.


Added Astronomy.


Added cuisine (by Dennis).

Added the anti-human race of vastaur.

Added an Opinion section to Ildemin.

Added body hair ranking on the people sheet.


Updated the biome map and political map on World Maps.

Added Benevis Mapping (by Virgil).


Added the Cursed Lands.


Added the Gliroch, Bokoro, and Fothrozz races

Added the Creation page.

Added a biome map to World Maps.


Added the Carson Institute.

Added the Islands of Night.

Added the Church of the Holy Pyre.

Fixed many measurements factoring distortion of map projection (mostly populations of Vaman and Yvatshun cities, and length of longest rivers).

Added biology section to Hireos.

Added Vesdorians and Bayakas and added them both to Other Races.

Added Hireos.

Corrected the starting date of Riiga. It has its roots all the way back in 2001!

Added Benevis Mythology, Seleru Mythology, Batur Mythology, Temanean Mythology, Qarbak Mythology, Yvatshun Mythology, Vaman Mythology, and Into Mythology.

Added San religion.

Added Manamorians.

Added Adumbra.

Added a scale, phenomena, and natural wonders to World Maps.

Added twelve natural wonders to Geography.


Added Other Races.

Added Trains and the orcanor section.

Added slaves and changed some icons on the trade map, and added man-made wonders to the political map.

Updated the home page and added an icon to the wiki.

Added Black Storms to the Darkness page, including warning birds and aetherite.

Added Narhau, Mautava, and Hster Alyos to the archaios page, and added a scale and archaios to the political map.

Added notable types of ruins to most eras in most History sections.

Added over a dozen phenomena to Geography.

Added some of the largest orders and factions on most of the major People pages.

Added Garukavar, Endon, and Odanon.

Added a magic artifact section to the archaios page, and added the first wielders of different magics to the history sections.

Added Liogons for flying mounted knights.

Added Patre and Keid.

Added World Maps.

Added Nikina.

Added Benevis History, Seleru History, Batur History, Temanea History, Qarbak History, Yvatshun History, Vaman History, Remdor History, and Into History, with significant dated events, wonders, and celebrated figures.

Added Benevis, Seleru, Tuaram, Batur, Temanea, Qarbak, Yvatshun, Vaman, Remdor, Into, and Jindiara cultural groups, and linked them all with the People page.

Moved religions back to the Religions page to make it easier to interconnect with articles. Also updated a lot of religion information, and added the Utyq and Setekri religions.

Added Archaic Wonders.

Added manmade Wonders.

Added The Darkness catastrophe.

Added numerous minor peoples around the world (Bihi, Kinohi, Heja, Dajeho, Nacha, Rerlido, Merya, Kobhufi, Qusa, Ituni, Rironlo, Chaye, Lo, Tiji, Sifi, Kafradi, Tenhan, Henmi, and others.)

Added monsters with several monster types listed.

Added global trade, including information about the Archroad.

Added geography with continents, oceans, the biggest seas and islands, important peaks, and long rivers.

Added details to the history sheet about how the world wonders were destroyed (in underlined yellow).

Updated the geographic map on the main page, and the political map on the people page.


Added magic to the official sheets.

Added to the history sheet, such as major plagues and volcanic events, world wonders, large migrations or colonisations, hidden prehistoric details, and other details.

Abbreviated the People page.


Reshaped the History sheet and started writing more detailed region-based historical events in the right-most columns. Added Temanean, Dunin, and Oolu history so far.


Added most religions to religions (up to 24) and added a sheet for history.

Added a political map to the People page and added many new cultures.

Added an alternate sheet for People.


Transferred the religions page to a Google sheet.


Changed the names of some kingdoms and cities in the Temanean Kingoms.


Added magic.


Added Vaman, Wwinda, Progora, Setekri, Utyq, Karithian, Yeves, Ildemin pages.


Added unique fauna.


Added wildlife.


Added religions.


Added Benevis, Sirins.